Research and Technology

We develop intelligent monitoring and integrated communications technologies that have the potential to become disruptive innovations in their respective markets.

Our targeted research programme remains closely aligned with our core company principals of delivering solutions in the Defence, Aerospace, Marine and Nuclear markets, making a real difference to our customers.

What we offer


Intelligent Monitoring Systems

Our key focus area is in using AI in intelligent monitoring systems and industrial applications, particularly where edge computing solves issues associated with transmitting large amounts of data for centralised processing. By combining with embedded systems and sensors, we are transforming research concepts into real-time applications that fit under the broad ‘Industry 4.0’ umbrella.


Research-led product development

A responsive, agile research and development team with a proven pedigree in successful R&D project delivery; from large-scale industrial research programmes as the lead consortium partner, through to short term feasibility studies and product concepts.


Engagement with the latest thinking

Our continuing research activities and relationship with universities, funding bodies from Innovate UK to DASA and their respective networks, ensures keeping pace with developments in the ‘Broad church’ (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, advances in computing etc) that is AI.


  • Artificial Intelligence featuring sensor-agnostic architectures

  • Signal processing for a range of sensors and data

  • System architecture concepts with edge processing

  • Networked systems and data communications

  • TRL2 through to TRL6 developments on the pathway to autonomy

  • Technology demonstration in relevant environments

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