FiRST – Fire-fighter Rescue and Support Technology®

Intelligent Monitoring for Fire and Rescue

  • Alerts firefighters to the risk of flashover
  • Improves safety and operational effectiveness
  • Communicates risk to incident commander

Keeping firefighters safe, and minimising the risk of death or injury, is a key objective of any Chief Fire Officer, not least in the event of a “flashover” associated with the thermal runaway of high density smoke in contained compartment fires, that self-combusts with potentially devastating effect.



IntelliMon have created a solution to reduce the risk to firefighters when a flashover occurs. FiRST™ (Firefighter Rescue and Support Technology™) detects and predicts the characteristic changes in temperature associated with flashover and creates an audible and visual alarm which warns both the individual firefighter and comrades around.



The visual warning changes from green to amber as the threat is detected before becoming red when the threat is imminent, providing up to 30 seconds to retreat or apply mitigation tactics. The audible warning is in excess of 90dB and is distinctly different to the accepted man-down alarm in established distress signal units (DSU).


Man-Down Finder

FiRST™ is not just an alarm – it also aids rescue of fallen firefighters by rapid intervention teams. Included within the unit is an RFID chip, which is activated when the unit is powered up. It is used with a hand held scanner to assist rescue crews searching for a man-down.


Improves Communication

FiRST™ is a light weight, easily updated alarm module, that reduces communication time in a potentially lethal flashover situation when time is critical in noisy environments, by giving a visual and audible warning to all comrades in close proximity.


Fully Integrated

FiRST™ is designed to integrate with a wide range of manufacturers’ breathing apparatus and is powered by the BA’s battery set. As part of the integration, the warnings can be displayed in the face-mask of suitable equipment with a simple traffic light display.


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