Firefighter “Flashover” Alarm, “FiRST™”, Launched at Emergency Services Show

17 October 2016


An electronic personal protection system designed to detect and predict the rapid rise in temperature that precedes a “flashover” incident is being launched by IntelliMon, a new division of STS Defence, at the Emergency Services Show being held in Birmingham on 21 and 22 September 2016.


FiRST™ (Fire-fighter Rescue and Support Technology®) is an intelligent monitoring system developed to improve the safety and operational effectiveness of firefighters in action. It comprises of electronics connected to thermal sensors which use artificial intelligence to analyse the rapidly changing temperatures in a smoke-filled contained-fire environment where firefighters frequently operate. It is encased in ruggedized housing and mounted on to a fire-fighter’s breathing apparatus, as a core component in firefighting equipment. Unlike simple threshold-based temperature sensors, FiRST™ is far more sensitive and intuitive and predicts a “flashover” much more rapidly, providing firefighters with vital time to react accordingly.

The intuitive nature of the technologies means that FiRST™ continually processes and updates temperature data, notifying the operator of any changes through both visual and audible warnings. This data can then also be fed to a computer through established radio telemetry for command and control and post-incident analysis.

A secondary feature of the FiRST™ system is an RF tag incorporated into the electronics module, and a handheld scanner utilising radio direction finding, for rapid intervention rescue teams to locate and rescue fallen or trapped comrades.

The newly launched IntelliMon, specialises in the design and development of Intelligent Monitoring Systems for industrial, maritime, public safety and defence.

IntelliMon is exhibiting on stand number M61during ESS.


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