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Intellimon developed the world’s first application of AI to support firefighters – a wearable prototype using on-board AI and statistical classifiers to predict and alert the firefighter to the threat of dangerous temperature events such as flashovers.

This patented technology was demonstrated to UK and US firefighters in 2018 and has been successfully licenced within the firefighter equipment market.

We led a two-year multi-million Innovate UK project to develop a new approach to autonomously monitoring the health of large diesel engines. That project became IConIC (Intelligent Condition monitoring with Integrated Communications). IConIC was deemed an Innovate UK success story and led to the development of a blended signal processing/machine learning algorithm within the core of a retrofittable online health diagnostic system for engines. In trials, IConIC has successfully detected and classified abnormal behaviour ahead of faults, months ahead of traditional monitoring techniques.

Since the early marine trials, we have expanded the technology demonstration into new areas; winning the 2018 “Nuclear Station Innovation Challenge” and trialling IConIC on pumps and diesel generators in a civil nuclear environment. From early 2019 trialled the technology in a land environment on heavy off-road vehicles.

In early 2020 we kick started a new Knowledge Transfer Partnership to further the abstraction of the core technology beyond engines. This represents our core focus; developing and exploiting the core IPR and know-how behind IConIC into applications where intelligent monitoring systems can generate real-time insight and tangible benefits

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